C14 Sanpshots


Construction 14: Snapshots

   01-In The Summering

   02-Beyond The Pale

   03-In The Inverted

   04-At The Event

   05-On The High

   06-Off The Record

   07-Along The Buttercupped

   08-Underneath The Static

   09-In The Orange

   10-Behind The Silver

   11-Over The Next

   12-In The Space

   13-Outside The Dim

   14-In The Museum's

   15-Beside The Highway's

   16-Inside The Twilight's

   17-Beneath The Exquisite

   18-In The Computer's

   19-Between The Lines

   20-In The Brilliance

   21-At The Very

   22-On The Palimpsest

   23-Beyond The Last

   24-In The Unloaded     

These 'snapshots' are graphic expansions of a long poem entitled "Take Frequent Snapshots" that appears my book: Advice To Travellers (Penumbra Press, 1994). This construction was completed on October 14, 1990.

© Ken Stange 2015