C09 Reconstructions

Construction 09: Reconstructions

         01-One Muse S(t)ick:

                02-Player Piano

        03-Art of Publishing Dipstych:

                04-Art Of Publishing I

                05-Art Of Publishing II


                 07-Balancing Act I

                 08-Balancing Act II

                 09-Balancing Act III

        10-Four Schticks:

                 11-Fertile Ground

                 12-Significance of Business

                 13-I've Been Framed

                14-An Old Photo Fades

These poems are computer versions (and revisions) of earlier experiments with 'concrete poetry'.  Like most works in this form, they are light-weight, punful and playful. This construction was completed on December 17, 1988.

© Ken Stange 2015