C11 Implicate Order

Construction 11: Implicate Order

        01-Only Three

      02-Inside Equations

      03-Along The Ragged

      04-Given Two Paths

      05-Gentle Iteration

      06-One Needs

The term 'implicate order', coined by scientist and philosopher David Bohm, refers to the idea that what we call order or beauty is enfolded within what we call chaos -- and only becomes recognizable when it emerges into our dimension. The texts are all poetic expansions of fundamental principles and paradoxes of modern physics.  The background images are based on graphic representations of the Mandelbrot Set and fractal 'landscapes'.  The gradient cube and the woman are two different conceptions of order which, if one accepts Bohm's theory, are enfolded both within each other and within the whole universe. This construction was completed on January 14, 1990.

© Ken Stange 2015