About The Art

About The Art

These digital artworks are created from digital photographs, mathematical experiments with such things as fractals, free-hand (or ‘free-mouse’) drawing, and image manipulation tools—with a textual element always added. They are then individualized when creating ten hardcopy variations of each work, each made unique by carefully varying some feature of the original digital image for the printing process.

Monoprints of each artwork is limited to 10 individualized and signed prints. These are available for purchase at exhibitions or from the artist by emailing a request for a detailed information sheet about the 10 print variations of a specific artwork. This information sheet will include print size, print media, and price. Artist’s email address: Ken@Stange.com 

These artworks are copyrighted to Ken Stange, who requests that they please not be modified and that credit be acknowledged in accordance with Creative Commons Rights License.

The smaller digital versions of each original digital artwork are on this Stange Gallery website and may be copied and freely distributed. 

© Ken Stange 2015